Dulce Bandido is a branding and packaging project for three bottles of the alcoholic beverage “Aguardiente”. The concept for this design evolved directly from the liquors name, Aguardiente, which translates to Firewater. The name of the liquor led to the idea of the bad/naughty things you do when you drink (taking a fun, lighthearted approach). The representation of these bad things came across through visuals of little devils (referencing the heat, fire and flames through the idea of inferno). These devils were drawn in a very cartoon-like style, similar to graffiti with strong bold lines that usually allude to Latin American design. The idea of the devils also connects to an important folkloric dance in Venezuela called “Dia­blos del Yare”. The name chosen was Dulce Bandido (Sweet Bandit) which also alluded to the juxtaposition of good and evil that is central to this concept. The devils had their own unique personality, pairing each with a different flavored bottle. They were placed in a way that would make them interact with each other, taking into account the fun shape the bottles had.
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